A Deadly Choice

from by The People's Bard

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The first leg of your journey is now complete. You ride through green pastures, soaking up the warm sunlight.
Exsaladbar whistles joyfully and Peg-leg gallops with the playful spirit of a young colt.
Eventually you see the winding shape of the Revir River, and a lone bridge spanning its waters.
As you approach the bridge, a figure appears from the shade beneath it and blocks your path.
You assume the bridge's owner wants to collect a toll for its use,
but as you draw closer you see that the man is a jester, lazily holding a shovel over his shoulder.

I look like a jester, but a jest this is not.
(If you want) to cross this bridge and continue your plot,
you must solve my riddle, my arithmetic game,
or you'll die before you get to Greg! (...you meet the Greg of fame.)

If I have two apples, then I give you one,
then you give it back, then I find a new one,
then I give Peg-leg two, which he promptly eats,
then I pick three more off the tree,
then Exsaladbar asks to eat half,
then I throw two in the trash,
then how many remain, hero?
One or zero?

I look like a clown, but this smile is paint.
I'll use this shovel to dig your grave.
You must answer right, you must count true,
or you'll die before the king meets you!
Yes, our fun is done.
Zero or one?

If your answer to the jester's riddle is "zero", listen to track 7.
If your answer to the jester's riddle is "one", listen to track 8.


from The Quest for King Greg, released July 12, 2016




The People's Bard Washington, D.C.

The People's Bard travels the internet looking for stories worth retelling in song. You'll most likely find him singing for strangers on reddit or YouTube.

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