The Jungle of Ape​-​Eating Snakes

from by The People's Bard

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Welcome to the jungle of ape-eating snakes!

All about you, amidst the dense jungle leaves and vines, are the flickering tongues of snakes.
Some of the creatures lie lazily in your path, their scaly bodies bloated by what you can only imagine is digesting ape.
Peg-leg steps over them gingerly as you proceed.

The thick tree tops fill the world with gloom;
the sunshine can't find any room...
in this place of vines and sssssnakes.

Suddenly, you feel the hair on your neck stand on end.
You have the distinct feeling that you're being followed.
You turn around to find the slow and slippery advance of hundreds of snakes.
They slide toward you in such numbers, you cannot see the jungle floor beneath the sea of scales.
In this moment you remember that apes are mankind's close relative. In genetics and probably in flavor.
You urge Peg-leg to gallop faster.

The air is thick with the smell of life;
take a slice with a butter knife...
but don't make any misssstakes.

Peg-leg comes to a halt and neighs in concern.
The jungle path has led to the edge of a steep ravine.
The cliff on the other side looks close, but you look down and feel dizzy; a fall would mean certain death.
You look behind you and again see the advancing snakes, now numbering in the thousands.
To your left you see a potential path down the ravine's slope, but you would need to slice through the dense vines and lead Peg-leg by the reins.
You ask Peg-leg if he can make the jump, and he whinnies with confidence...
You ask Exsaladbar if he will help you carve a path through the vines, and he says that vegetarians never miss a chance to eat jungle greens.

What do you do? If you decide to jump the ravine with Peg-leg, listen to track 5.
If you decide to clear a new path with Exsaladbar, listen to track 6.


from The Quest for King Greg, released July 12, 2016




The People's Bard Washington, D.C.

The People's Bard travels the internet looking for stories worth retelling in song. You'll most likely find him singing for strangers on reddit or YouTube.

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