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The jester lets you pass after solving his riddle. Peg-leg carries you over the Revir River, and after a short distance
you find yourself on the outskirts of the town of Zero. Village people glance up from their farm work as you pass;
some children point in awe at Exsaladbar...others point at you and smile as they rub their bellies.
On a hill overlooking Zero you see King Gregory's castle.
You're almost there.

As you reach the town center, a merchant steps in your path to inquire about your journey.
You explain that this is your first time in Zero,
and you need an escort to the castle. Peg-leg neighs nervously,
and you realize you've been surrounded by dozens of townsfolk,
who eagerly pet Peg-leg and, strangely, pet you.

We're a lovely lot. We all get along.
We don't eat flesh. This is our song.
Welcome, hero. Zero welcomes you.
The cannibalism rumors are untrue.

Ignore the claims, all so cruel.
We have a well, we have a school.
We have a church, we have a steeple,
And we never, ever, ever eat people.

We're a friendly bunch. Strangers like it here.
We don't drink blood; forget your fear.
Welcome, hero. Zero welcomes you.
The cannibalism rumors are untrue.

A particularly round merchant steps forward and offers to escort you to the castle,
claiming he has business with the king later that day. The village people cheer at his generosity.
Then a sour, cranky voice cuts through the crowd, exclaiming you're better off going with him.
You look down and see an old dirty fish monger. "I'm taking fish to the king's cook later today."
Exsaladbar whispers he's more willing to trust a pescatarian than a fat merchant.

To journey with the rich merchant to the castle, listen to track 9.
To journey with the fish monger, listen to track 10.


from The Quest for King Greg, released July 12, 2016




The People's Bard Washington, D.C.

The People's Bard travels the internet looking for stories worth retelling in song. You'll most likely find him singing for strangers on reddit or YouTube.

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